Anxiety in the Youth

Society has taught its youth something which has produced anxiety in our younger generation. I had this discussion with several of my friends who have children because I don’t have any children of my own. In a word: yes. We have, as a society, abused their right to have a clean safe home to grow and live happily. All the … Read More

Mental Pain

When I find myself caught in a dissociative mess of thoughts how do I get the writing done? Well, this is a good question, because with the mental pain comes physical pain. I remember going to a men’s group in 2016, we all had anger in common, and we were all there to find some peace from that anger. For … Read More

Physical Pain

When there is physical pain how do I get the writing done? Honestly some days nothing gets done except for laying on the couch, or in bed, or on the floor trying to make my back feel better. After I was struck by a car in my early 30’s, the resulting back injury has been degrading with age. Sciatica everyday, … Read More

Tough Writing Ahead

My therapist thought journaling would be a good way to vent -get stuff off my chest, so to speak. So, I did, and that was over 22-years ago. Flash forward to now, January 2019; I graduated from a well-respected writing program called, The Writer’s Studio offered at SUF’s downtown campus. I have to say that it was grueling, emotional, exhausting, … Read More

The Reconciliation Project

In a Document titled Theory and Practice in Critical Discourse Analysis under the topic “Language and Discourse in Contemporary Education” (1997) I paraphrase: With respect to exponential population growth, a post war industry has focused on skilled workers and increased educational access. Attempts to explain and to redress the effects of scholastic discrimination of marginalized and lower socioeconomic groups produced … Read More