In Progress: June 15, 2017

On May 28, 2017 my talk on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with the Anglican Church was confirmed for June 21, 2017. I am currently working on this talk, and it will be approximately forty minutes of monologue and storytelling (further details: location and time pending). It will be a public showing so everyone is welcomed.

I am completing the finishing touches of a CCA Application for a developmental grant to attend The Writer’s Studio with SFU, and should be ready for the fifteenth of June 2017.
I am editing my creative nonfiction Woodland Creeture with Linda Peirce, as it is to be the bulk of my work for the 2018 year at SFU.

I am preparing four short stories for submission to various magazines for the summer, they are: Cipayak, Patches, Ditching Class, and Entrepreneurs.

I continue to build on my Wendigo Series, a creative nonfiction fantasy built around the contemporary world, and First Nations stories, legendary architypes, and history.

I will be travelling to the Peace Country, back to where it all started for me. My goal: research my manuscript, Woodland Creeture, from late June to early July I will use the time to write and reflect, journaling using various multimedia as I go. I will up there from June 27 – July 12.

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